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The Return of Quick Hits 2: Quicker & Hittier

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World Cup Of Hockey 2016 - Team Europe v Canada Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Welcome to day 2 of our new Quick Hits. The intro will be dead soon, but in case you missed it yesterday, our plan is to give you a few tidbits to chew on and set you free to discuss whatever your hockey heart desires.

The Big Story

Ranking the top 20 left wingers in the NHL, by the numbers - By Andrew Berkshire: Sportsnet

I’m kind of cheating here to make this about the Wings, but Tomas Tatar ranks fourth on this list, six spots higher than Alex Ovechkin. It works as well as a discussion about how underranked Tatar seems to be as it does a discussion on how arbitrarily weighing stats and then adding more arbitrary weight to that formula can create ranking systems that can get pretty muddled.

FWIW, the reason Tatar ended up fourth on this list was because his “transition” ranking was five points above average, far and away tops of the group. This made up for being 14th offensively and 12th defensively. It might honestly speak to why he’s underrated though, because transition is kind of the hardest thing to see. Or, it could just be that a list of top LWs off the top of your head would be just as arguably viable as this one.

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Thomas Vanek has 'chip on shoulder' to prove he can still produce - By Ansar Khan: MLive

Vanek and Blashill are on the same page about being aware of the reputation heading into this season and are on the same page about their confidence in his game. The telling two quotes in there for me are that Vanek says he has a chip on his shoulder and that Blashill doesn’t mind being told things, but wants more than anything to be shown.

That’s going to be the key for Vanek, isn’t it? I love hearing about players who are angry and eager to show that people have the wrong idea, but after I get told about a chip on the shoulder, I want nothing more to be shown.

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So there’s your starter for the day and here’s your open thread. Go ahead and discuss away. Feel free to share interesting stories you’ve come across in the last day or so too.

Thanks and LGRW!