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Quick Hits: 3Quick/3Furious

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Detroit Red Wings v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Quick Hits back with a vengeance and whatnot. Let’s do this.

The Big Story

Blackhawks, Oilers have discussed Nail Yakupov trade, per reports - By Satchel Price: Second City Hockey

Some days stories will be a bit bigger than normal, but Nail Yakupov to Chicago trade rumors shook Twitter the loudest yesterday. The holdup for the guy who was apparently worth nothing but a 2nd & 3rd round pick earlier is that Chicago can’t afford his cap hit without sending something back.

I wouldn’t want to see this because I want to see Chicago fail, but if you take a hard look at their forward depth, they’re going to have to rely on basically the Panarin gambit from last year working out with two or three more unproven guys this year or that corps is thin.

(As a note, I filed this story at 10pm, so if the trade gets made at some dumb hour overnight, just pretend like I saw it coming.)

In Red Wings Land

Mark Howe to receive Lester Patrick Trophy - Detroit News

Howe has been providing the outstanding service to hockey in the United States for which the Lester Patrick Trophy is given for almost as long as the award has existed. He’ll be honored on November 30th along with ECHL co-founder Pat Kelly.

Mark will join his father Gordie on the list of recipients of this award. That’s pretty cool.

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Ok, you know the drill by now. Go ahead and use this for an open thread/place to share other interesting stuff you’ve come across lately.

Thanks and LGRW!