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Quick Hits: Saturday Preseason Ender Edition

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World Cup Of Hockey 2016 Final - Game One - Europe v Canada Photo by Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

The Big Story

Blues Acquire Nail Yakupov - by Adam Steevens: St. Louis Game Time

The former #1 overall pick who the Oilers were rumored to be giving away for basically nothing got given away for basically nothing. The comparable trade here is nothing because the Wings don’t have $2.5M in cap space for that guy and have a ton of forwards already trying to make the team.

It’s even funnier when you consider the Oilers moved Yak so they could sign Kris Russell though.

In Red Wings Land

Tomas Tatar hopes World Cup provides lift heading into Red Wings season - By Ansar Khan: MLive

Tatar’s got a good attitude coming into the team from a good World Cup showing. He doesn’t want to put a number on expectations, but he is expecting himself to do better. On a slightly weirder note, I just can’t help but think that Blashill’s entire plan to go with forward “pairs” and the fact that neither Nyquist nor Tatar are on a pair right now indicates that Ken Holland still has him on watch to not get attached to both of them.

I dunno, just wildly speculating there.

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Feel free to discuss among yourselves and drop any interesting stuff you come across in the hockey world in here to go over. Thanks and LGRW!