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WIIM Radio Mailbag: 2-Game Skid Edition

The Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall Attend Royal Mail Reception To Mark 500th Anniversary Of The Postal Service Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

What a week. With more topics for us to discuss, it's time for another session of Winging It In Motown radio. And with the radio, of course, comes the mailbag! If you want to be 5 seconds worth of internet famous, ask us a question in the comments below. But beware, don't copy the topics we’re already planning to cover or the Hockey Gods shall smite thee!

The Week In Review

A 2-game losing streak has us feeling down, but it's not all Armageddon just yet as we cover the past week’s happenings.

Player News

Athanasiou gets a sprained knee, Vanek hopes to return when we face Calgary, Sproul plays better hockey than a sandwich on skates, and more as we look at how our boys in red have done individually.

Around The League

News items from around the Atlantic, East, and NHL. Are the Wings destined to stay at 7th of the 8 teams in the Atlantic? What of the Dougie Hamilton rumblings? Johnny Gaudreau looks like he will miss some time, what does that mean with the Flames coming to The Joe this Sunday? Do we think Auston Matthews is a boxers or briefs kind of guy?

Positivity Corner

If you can't say something nice, try anyway! Don't skip out on the compliment-fest, folks...

Reader Questions

You know the drill. Stump us, make us think, make us laugh and cry... Ask your questions in the comments below, or else face the wrath of an army of duck-sized Tangradis!!!!!

The Week Ahead

Wrapping up, we will give you our best inaccurate predictions for the week ahead before the theme song plays us out!