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Listen to WIIM Radio: The Ultra-Special Two-Game Losing Streak Edition

Mobile World Congress - Day 2 Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

The Week In Review - Not good! We talk about the Red Wings performance over the past few games.

Player News - How about an injury with a side of injury?

Around The League - More injuries around the league, trade speculation, and all of that fun non-Red Wings stuff.

Positivity Corner - I told you we were going to keep doing it. Shut up and enjoy!

Reader Questions - You asked, we answered. Here’s a cookie. It’s oatmeal raisin. Deal with it.

The Week Ahead - Will the Red Wings ever win a game again? The answer may surprise you!

You can listen via the embedded player above or download from our Blogtalk Radio page. We’re also supposed to be on iTunes and Google Podcasts.

Winging it in Motown Radio is rated ‘R’ for harsh language, and multiple men sitting in their living rooms with their shirts off. Thank you for listening!