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Quick Hits: The Analytics Coyotes and The Wings Trending Downward

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Arizona Coyotes Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Story

John Chayka, the 27-year-old NHL GM: 'We’re trying to do things the right way' - By: Joshua Kloke: The Guardian

I’m a very subtle but huge Arizona Coyotes fan and will probably remain one as long as John Chayka is General Manager there. What he’s doing is essentially in total defiance of the way things have always been done and I love that.

From the article:

“The group we have is going to be get better internally. We don’t have to go out and pick up a rental or do something of that nature,” he says. “Our young players have come in and given us a spark. There’s ups and downs, just like there is with many young players. But at the same time our goal is to ensure the ups are greater than the downs. And if we can do that, I think we’ll have success this season.”

Sounds an awful lot like the approach a lot of us here wish the Wings would take with their young players. It hasn’t worked out in the standings just yet, the Coyotes are 5-9-1, but I have a feeling there will be a scary-good team out in the desert soon enough.

In Red Wings Land

It's early, but Red Wings concerned about dropping back too far - By: Ansar Khan: MLive

Even though the Wings are roughly where they were a year ago, it’s hard to see them making the playoffs at this current pace. And just like last year, if they plan on making the playoffs they’ll need Petr Mrazek and Jimmy Howard both at their very best. Howard’s been superb, Mrazek not so much.

From the article:

"Sometimes there's games where the puck goes in and it's unfortunate and it just doesn't work your way," Blashill said. "You just got to be mentally tough and keep grinding. I think Pete's focus is the same as Jimmy's focus was, as same as our team's focus has to be, and that's getting better every day. And if it gets better every day he'll have the success he wants."

It’s good to hear that Coach, at least publicly, has support in his goaltender. At any rate, Jimmy Howard will be getting the start against the Caps tonight.