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Quick Hits: The Don’t Panic Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Story

Down Goes Brown: 5 early struggles and why not to panic yet - by Sean McIndoe |

5 teams / situations which are leading to panic, and why that may be premature. There are no Red Wings info here (which is good), but some of the stories are pretty interesting.

For example, the Predators are not doing nearly as well as most people expected. Is that due to PK Subban? No, but I’m sure that won’t stop people from blaming him.

In Detroit Land

Notes: Blashill's focus: scoring chances, O-zone time - by Dana Wakiji |

Coach Jeff Blashill addresses the team’s putrid Corsi numbers.

Blashill says that the team doesn’t just focus on Corsi, but rather on scoring chances:

"Somehow puck possession has been measured by shots," Blashill said. "We outshot (the Florida Panthers) on Sunday by a bunch but they had way better scoring chances, so I'll continue to measure our game by scoring chances. Puck possession, the way we measure it, is by O-zone time. How much O-zone time vs. how much D-zone time. We have to get better in that area. We've spent more time in our D-zone than in our O-zone. So we got to get better at having more O-zone time."

Also, we get this fun fact:

The Wings are fifth in the league with 286 shots but they have allowed the most shots against at 323.

Don’t forget your towel!