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Quick Hits: The One Night Only Edition

2016 Coors Light Stadium Series - Alumni Game Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Ken Reid’s ‘One Night Only’ not your typical hockey book | by Joe Pack,

I, like many of you, enjoy reading about hockey. Ken Reid’s new book sounds like it could be very interesting. Here’s the gist.

Sure, Ken Reid didn’t start out with that in mind when he began mining the pages of for former hockey players who’d played just one NHL game for his new book, One Night Only. He wanted to tell the story of those who’d dreamed big and come up with just one flash of brilliance to show for it.

Without looking online, can you think of any Red Wings players who fit this criteria?

STEVIE 'WHY' | by Ryan Dixon,

Here’s a great read about Steve Yzerman. It covers his GM duties for Tampa, but there are some great Detroit stories too. Here’s an excerpt, but the whole article is well worth reading

Even better, if Yzerman doesn’t understand something, he makes it a point to change that fact. When Shanahan was with the Wings and the team went out for dinner, the boys would take turns holding the wine list and squinting at it like bewildered middle school students examining a museum exhibit their teacher said was important.

“None of us really knew what we were looking for,” says Shanahan. “Steve went out and bought a book that looked like the Yellow Pages on French red wine. By the next season, he was telling you what the good years were, what the bad years were, what the bargains were, what the overpriced stuff was. He was somebody who studied things. When there was a subject that interested him, he made himself an expert.”

Enjoy the trip down memory lane.