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Quick Hits: The LeBrun Premature Expansion Draft Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Washington Capitals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens have some juggling to do before expansion draft | by Pierre LuBrun, ESPN

I’m putting this in the “NHL” slot although it does have to do with our team.

First off, take this with a huge grain of salt. It’s way too early to be making these predictions.

I’m working with another WiiM writer on the expansion draft and it’s WAY too early to really project anything with any degree of accuracy. Half the teams we have discussed already end with “well, this is what we think so far, but what if...?”

If you’re interested, CapFriendly has a great tool for the expansion draft. I reached out to them today, and they told me that if you are logged in, your selections will be there when you get back, which was an annoying non-feature up until today. So, you’re welcome!

(I had nothing to do with the change, but when I asked them, they told me it would go live tonight, so it’s totally because of me, and not just a random coincidence. You’re welcome.)

Red Wings notes: Dylan Larkin back at center; Jimmy Howard starts in Buffalo | by Ansar Khan, MLive

Dylan Larkin is set to start the next game at center, with Gustav Nyquist and Thomas Vanek on his wings.

I’ve been a proponent of keeping Larkin at center this year, even if he struggles. He is our future number one center, and he needs experience to get there, even if it does lead to lowered productivity.

Nobody really thinks this team is going to be a Cup contender this year, right? So, let’s let him grow into the role, even if he has trouble. Very few #1 centers in the league have looked comfortable their first or second year, so why pull Larkin out of that slot because he’s having trouble?

Also, Howard is starting next game, which is not a real surprise.