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Listen to WIIM Radio: Tanksgiving Edition

Macy's Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images

Hey, we WIIM Radioed for you and now you’ll get a chance to listen on the way to visit your weird uncle and that aunt who wants to grill everybody on who they voted for. We have me, Graham, Kyle, and Mike on to talk all things Wings. Here’s the rundown:

The Red Wings - The team is struggling in fall facets of the game and will go into Wednesday’s battle against Buffalo trying to climb out of the Atlantic basement. How close to their record are the Wings playing?

The Coaching - With the way the Wings have been going/making various mistakes, some of it has to fall on the coaching. How hot should Jeff Blashill’s seat be right now?

All-Star Voting & The John Scott Rule - The league submitted rules to try to keep the John Scott thing at bay, but left a few holes in the concept. No matter what, the voting will probably be dumb. Still. #VoteOtt

Leaguewide Observations - The Vegas Golden Knights are here! Who cares? Everybody! Also, it’s not exactly OUR league, but we’ll be sharing a house with the Pistons, as announced on Tuesday.

Positivity Corner - We take a quick break from the constant bellyaching to remind people that we’re happy optimists (nah just kidding, this isn’t a dour episode, but Positivity Corner rules).

Reader Questions - Not a ton of questions in the mailbag today, but they were really good ones, so great job everybody on saving us from the prospect of having a bad mailbag!

You can listen via the embedded player above or download from our Blogtalk Radio page. You should also be able to get it on iTunes or Google Podcasts, but this is a cold and unfeeling world, so no promises.

WIIM Radio is rated R for language and undercooked stuffing.