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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Spicy Meatball Edition

Post Offices Brace For Busiest Mailing Day Of The Year Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Welcome back! We’ve got another fun episode of WIIM Radio on tap for you, but before we record tonight, as always, we’ll give you the rundown on our list of topics as well as our reader questions -- Where you get to decide what we talk about!

The Red Wings - Since we last talked, the Red Wings are 3-0-1. Yep, that’s right, they’ve won more games than lost! There is plenty to talk about from that stretch, so we’ll riff on that, plus some names that have really impressed us and stressed us. I’m sure we’ll also toss in some roster speculation like we always do.

The Injury Bug - Seems like clockwork for this team, but the injury bug has officially paid the Red Wings it’s annual visit. There are a slew of injuries afoot, so we’ll talk about who is hurt, and who needs to or has been stepping up in the absence of so many players.

Observations from around the league - Outside of some cool storylines like the rookie class of this season, I think it’s been sort of a boring start. Am I the only one feeling this way? Also, we’ll talk about who’s hot, who’s not, the fakers, and the makers around the NHL.

Positivity corner - Time to sit in a circle and say something nice about someone, and something. Everybody is going to love everybody, and they’re going to like it.

Reader questions - This is where you, the reader, get to ask us, the Very Handsome Boys, about what you want to talk about. Got a hockey question? Cool. Wanna ask more about the Red Wings? Great! Need fashion advice? Well, I can’t promise we’ll be any help, but dammit we’ll try.

We’ll be recording this episode of WIIM Radio tonight, so be sure to get your questions in as soon as you can! We’ll have the podcast posted tomorrow for your listening pleasure. Thanks for tuning in!