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Quick Hits: Just Another Manic Metric Monday

Toronto Maple Leafs v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Big Story

Why Nazem Kadri wasn’t suspended for Daniel Sedin hit - By Greg Wyshynski: Yahoo! Sports

Nazem Kadri’s hit on Daniel Sedin set off a firestorm of mixed opinions on Saturday night. Video replays of the hit were analyzed by both fans and analysts alike in Zapruder film style. No matter what side of judgement you side with, we can all agree that Kadri is a well-known offender who will certainly be skating on thin ice with the NHL Department of Player Safety.

In Red Wings Land

Why Red Wings Look Doomed 12 Games Into The Season - By Will Burchfield: CBS Detroit

Whether you are a fan of advanced analytics or not, there’s no denying the truth that these metrics can reveal. For the Detroit Red Wings, the truth behind their numbers isn’t very encouraging.

If you’ve spent any time watching a Red Wings’ game this season you don’t have to be an analytics guru to deduce that Detroit is certainly struggling in several aspects/statistics. When you break it all down to numbers and percentages, the Red Wings’ analytical woes are definitely concerning.

As the NHL and the rest of the sporting world continues to rely more heavily on advanced stats, and as the Red Wings continue to produce less than stellar numbers, fans in Hockeytown have to wonder how long before Ken Holland and company begin to take notice.