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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Slap In The Face Edition

SpongeBob Mailbox Inducted Into The National Postal Museum Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

It's that time of the week again where we get to stay up late, all hopped up on rage and adrenaline, to discuss what's been happening with our Detroit Red Wings and the NHL at-large. Wanna know tonight's topics? Well I guess this is your lucky day.... they're just below!

The Week In Review

Fans were slapped in the face with a string of losses since the last recording. We have feelings on that. You probably do, too. Let's get emotional together.

Prospect News

Lil Bert slapped management in the face hard enough to get a call-up while Vanek lingers in LTIR. Is this Ken Holland’s way of slapping Mantha in the face? *removes tin-foil hat

Rumblings Around The League

Ken Holland was slapped in the face with the lack of value of his trade pieces, as he was supposedly shot down on a 3-way deal for Trouba. Also, Toronto and Vancouver slapped at each other over the weekend and it was entertaining. This and other stuff from around the NHL.

Positivity Corner

It’s not all handprints and hurt feelings as we point out the bright spots in each other and the Red Wings. Then, a big group hug.

Reader Questions

Make your own mark on the podcast and slap JJ with your reader questions in the comment section below. After that, we slap a bow on this whole thing and call it a night!