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Listen to WIIM Radio: Christmas Eve Eve Eve Edition

Hip Hop Car Show...

Welcome to our newest WIIM Radio and the last one before Christmas... or Saturnalia... or Friday! This time around I’m joined by Kyle, Peter, and Lauren to talk all things Wings. Here’s the quick and dirty rundown:

  • The Wings of Late - We’ve covered this in-depth a bunch of times, but the Ducks game was legitimately fun, so we got to talk about that. Aside from that, we cover all the parts of the fun and bad stuff. What’s going to happen as the team gets healthy? Are drastic changes going to happen? Stay tuned!
  • Is the NHL not fun this year? - It might be harder to love the NHL when the team is struggling, but we discuss whether it goes deeper than that.
  • Hate-watching/reading and our hateful digger - One of the Detroit beat writers has an axe to grind with a guy who deserves criticism to be sure, but not nearly to the level that’s coming out of the Freep lately.
  • Positivity Corner - All the stuff we’re happy and thankful for, including a very special bit on Craig Cunningham.
  • Reader Questions - I rocked this again. You set up up for us and we knocked ‘em the hell out.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download right from our Blogtalk Radio page. We’re also on iTunes and echoing through the neverending ether holding our universe together, if only you know how to tap into such terrible and awe-inspiring power.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and human trafficking.