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Red Wings vs. Senators: Rank 'Em!

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Senators traded for Dion Phaneuf just to face off against the Wings on Wednesday night. I'm flattered. The Wings got a 2-0 lead and then took a million penalties in the third to let the Sens claw back into the game. Fortunately, the Wings learned "protect lead" and won 3-1.

Quick Thoughts

  • Bobby Ryan gets away with a lot of holding and interference stuff for a big forward who's hard to get the puck by. Even without the cheating he's good, so it's not that; I just think he cheats too much and since he's not a Red Wings that is a bad thing.
  • I'm writing this bullet during the second intermission and I'm saying Brendan Smith is having a really good game. Here's to hoping the third period doesn't screw that all up.
  • I think the Wings were trying to help Mrazek's Vezina case in the third period with all the stupid penalties.

Now you vote with your thumbs. Up for good, down, for bad, none for neutral. Thanks!

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