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Stanley Cup Final Prediction: WIIM Spoils it For You

Our stone-cold locks for the cup kept in a box

2014 Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction - Press Conference Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We're finally at the end of the playoff run with only one series left to go. This one will decide it once and for all. Do the Sharks win the cup on their first ever visit to the final or does Phil Kessel get to parade Lord Stanley's chalice to a Toronto hot dog stand while Steve Simmons cries about it?

We'll tell you who's going to win soon, but first we prove that we know what we're talking about by going back over the last round:

Western Conference Final: San Jose Sharks Defeat St. Louis Blues in Six Games

Did We Predict That? In a really tight vote, the 5-4 majority did have the Sharks winning this series, and most of the votes also thought this would be a six-game series. The voting was tighter than the series turned out to be, as it was kind of surprising the Blues even made it as far as game 6.

How Badly Did We Screw Up? Somebody (not me) picked the Blues in five. Hahahaha

Eastern Conference Final: Pittsburgh Penguins Defeat Tampa Bay Lightning in Seven Games

Did We Predict That? Yes we did, by a 4-to-1 margin, we had the Penguins knocking off the Lightning in the ECF. Most of it was despite what people wanted to see, but in general we couldn't see the Bolts with their injuries outlasting the team that had just polished off the Presidents Trophy winners.

How Badly Did We Screw Up? Just two of us picked the series to go seven, and one of those was a Bolts pick.

So we rule. We went two-for-two in the conference finals! If you had any doubt in us left over from us screwing up the first two rounds, that should be gone and you should know you could trust your entire life savings to us.

- - -

Stanley Cup Final: San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Sharks in 6

- Jeff Hancock

In 5 because science. Sharks are an apex predator. Those Galapagos waddlers are just gonna be paddling along thinking they're slicker than shit, and then BAM TEETH AND PAIN! - Teandcakeordeath

Pens in 7. Matt Murray holds up better than Martin Jones and the Sharks D struggles to break out against that aggressive PIT forecheck. Series for the ages. - Prashanth

Sharks in 6, because I refuse to accept the alternative. And also because of this:

- redwinger43

Pens in 7. Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau both score 6 goals in the series but get labeled chokers anyway because fans are dumb. - Graham

Results: We had 60% of the vote go for the Sharks and the majority pick was six games, so there you have it. Joe Thornton wins the cup.