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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Conn Smythe Edition

Stop. Collaborate and listen. The WIIM Crew is back with a brand new edition

Japan Post Makes Tokyo Stock Debut Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images

Hey folks! We’re back with another WIIM Radio Mailbag and you know what that means: We’re recording another WIIM Radio to answer all of your questions! Two exclamation points in the opening paragrah? You betcha! Hell, make it four!

Now that the Stanley Cup Final is mercifully over and the champ has been crowned/already had their parade, we’re coming back to wrap up the season that was and talk about what it all means for the Wings. Here’s a rundown of topics:

  • The Penguins Won - We’ll try to cut out the vomiting sounds that come through when talking about that, but it’s interesting to how they won it all versus a team from the conference that’s supposed to be superior.
  • The Wings Have Started Work - Deals for Lashoff and Sheahan are a good start, but there’s lots of work to be done still before the draft. RFAs are left to sign, one big contract is still (presumably) left to be traded, and trades are left to be made.
  • Quick Draft Preview - We’ll have more on our big draft pre-show special next week, but it would be silly to not mention the draft at all.
  • Reader Questions - Our favorite part of the show. You put your questions in the comments below and we’ll answer the ones we haven’t already gotten to. Give us your best hockey or Dear Abby questions and we’ll give you all the life advice you’ll ever need.

We’ll be recording late tonight with the plan to post the episode early in the morning, so get your questions in before 10pm ET and we’re likely to get to them. Get asking!