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Red Wings 2016-17 Home Opener Set: Red Wings to Play Ottawa Senators Oct. 17th

We know at least one date in next season’s schedule

Buffalo Sabres v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With the season over and the draft pending, we still have a few items on the order of business for the NHL to take care of before the 2016-17 season can start. One of them is finalizing the salary cap, but the only consideration even as important as that one is when the heck all the games will be played.

Today we get a teaser, tomorrow we get the whole enchilada.

We know the Wings definitely will be on the road to start the season before coming home to face Ottawa at the Joe, thanks to the Lightning’s Twitter feed as well:

I mean, last year the Wings opened up Toronto to showcase Mike Babcock. Perhaps the Wings can bring Steven Stamkos back to Tampa first?

Hey, a guy can dream.