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2016 NHL Draft Trade Rumors: Winnipeg ready to move 22nd overall pick

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames

BUFFALO, NY — Rumors are brewing just over eight hours until the 2016 NHL Draft’s commencement. Among those that make sense for the Red Wings, ESPN’s Craig Custance put out a tidbit stating Winnipeg’s 22nd overall pick (acquired from Chicago in the Andrew Ladd trade) is up for grabs:

This could make a lot of sense for the Red Wings, a team who is tearing at the seams due to left-handed defensemen and top-nine forwards. While the handoff of 22nd overall might not be an immediate payday, what it would do is create some much-needed cap space for the Red Wings. With the Pavel Datsyuk contract situation up in the air, it’s best to keep all options on the table.

There is a lot of potential for blockbuster in this rumor - The Jets have Jacob Trouba, a defensemen the Red Wings would love to get their hands on, and the Red Wings have quite a few assets I am sure the Jets would love to go for. Perhaps we could finally orchestrate a trade that sends a roster player like Tomas Tatar or Anthony Mantha in a package for a young, talented RFA defenseman in Trouba.

While unlikely, it’s something to think about. Hopefully Ken Holland brought his tire-kicking boots to Buffalo.