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2016 NHL Draft Day Two Open Thread

Rounds 2-7 of the NHL Draft run today and we’ve got a live chat to prove it

2016 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well howdy there and good morning from the sunny land of fandom of a team who had a good first round last night. We’ve got rounds 2-7 coming up today, so we figured we’d have another open thread for everybody to join in and follow along the NHL draft with us.

If you were living under a rock until just now, know that the Wings picked up an extra 2nd rounder (#53 overall) today in last night’s trade with Arizona that saw the Wings moving down four spots and taking on Joe Vitale in return for Pavel Datsyuk’s dead cap space, a deal that I think was a win for both teams.

As always, be careful when looking for rumors out there, but most importantly have fun!