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Report: Red Wings have inquired on Matt Martin

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Reports have surfaced that the Red Wings have reached out to impending free agent Matt Martin:

Martin, who is nothing more than a 4th-line grinder, had 19 points in 80 games with the New York Islanders last season. I am not quite sure what the motive is here for Detroit, as they have plenty of serviceable players on the roster that could fill this role. One of the names atop the list is prospect Tyler Bertuzzi, who is much like Martin in that he can play the “agitator” role. The biggest different is that Bertuzzi will come at a much smaller price.

The Red Wings might just be trying to get a gauge for the market, but either way you look at it, an inquiry like this doesn’t strike confidence in me as a fan with free agency opening on Friday. You don’t have to sign this guy, we have plenty of 4th-liners. Matt Martin will definitely get more than he’s worth in the open market, and this is the area that the Red Wings need to find value with their entry-level contracts. I really hope Ken Holland steers clear here.


There have been a couple of reports (you decide if you trust the source) that Matt Martin is asking for $3-4 million per year. For a fourth-line winger, that is an insane price tag.