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WIIM Radio Mailbag Pre-Agency Frenzy

We need your questions

FedEx St. Jude Classic - Round Two Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The countdown to the opening of free agency is down to mere hours and the Wings are poised to do something majorly... well, major. We made it through the draft and even have nice things to say about that. Then we’ll have some probably not-as-nice things to say about what went on since then, but at least it’ll be a well-balanced show. Here’s your topic rundown:

  • The Red Wings Draft - Detroit ended up clearing up $7.5M in cap space and picking up an extra draft pick this year, in which they drafted a number of young defensemen to restock the cupboards. We’ll review the draft weekend and our thoughts.
  • Free Agency Rumors and Rumblings - With a number of good free agent names at forwards and also some unsigned RFA defensemen out there, we’ve got a whole lot to unpack here. Stamkos, Okposo, Lucic, Martin, Jones, and the rest of the unsigned guys will get a thorough going-over this week.
  • Reader Questions - The part where you come in. You ask us anything and if we haven’t gone over it by then, we’ll give you the answer you either need or deserve (rarely both). Anything goes, unless it doesn’t!

We’ll be recording late tonight, so get your questions in before 10pm ET. Like always, I’ll be copying-and-pasting this sentence in the comments below for the person who drops a question in at 3am hoping we’ll answer it. The plan will be to have the episode up early tomorrow morning.

Thanks and LGRW!