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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Red Wings sticking to the plan edition

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WIIM Radio breaks the silence on July

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Welcome to our latest WIIM Radio Mailbag! We’ll be recording a new episode for your listening pleasure tonight and need you to do some work for us by asking your best questions. First up, here’s a list of topics we will be covering, so you know not to ask about this stuff. This should free you up for the real good stuff!

  • Free Agency - We haven’t done one of these since the Wings made their July 1st splashes. Although most of what needs to be said has been said already, we’ve got the benefit of several weeks’ worth of hindsight to calm us down. We’ll give the barrel-aged mature takes you’ve come to expect.
  • Remaining Moves - With arbitration hearings still pending for Mrazek and DeKeyser, the Wings still have too many forwards, probably not enough cap space, and more work to do. When’s the appropriate time to hit the panic button on not making trades? Oh don’t worry; we’ll tell you when to panic.
  • I Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Team management promised aggression in the offseason and a chance for the kids in the coming campaign. We’ve got plenty of summer left to go, but we’re at a good point where an azimuth check is a good idea on how well the Wings are following “the plan.”
  • Reader Questions - You’ve got a topic that we certainly have not covered by the time we’ve reached this bullet point and we want to know what it is. Please leave your question in the comments below and we’ll answer it as we record tonight. We’ll take questions up to about 10pm ET.
  • Final Thoughts - I dunno. We’ll probably argue over why Kyle would be foolish enough to pick Team Mystic here.

Go ahead and get your questions in. We’ll be looking to have the completed episode ready for you tomorrow morning. Thanks and LGRW!