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Listen to WIIM Radio: Summer of Kenny 2.0 Edition

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Miss us? Yeah you did. Quit lying.

International Rescue Committee Hosts 6th Annual GenR Summer Party - Inside Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IRC

Welcome to our newest edition of WIIM Radio! This go-around, we’ve got me, Kyle, teandcakeordeath (Mike) and StraightOuttaSverdlovsk (Peter) joining in to talk all things Wings. We had a bit of a hiccup in going for 90 minutes before realizing we had lost the recording, so things are a bit hectic in here. Here’s what we got up to:

  • The Start of Free Agency - The Wings got off to an earlier start on July 1st and kind of set the tone for the whole day with the Helm signing, but hindsight on it isn’t terrible... just that it wasn’t ideal either.
  • The Need to Sign DeKeyser & Mrazek - Will both of these guys go to arbitration? Do we want that. We talk about which one we’d rather honestly go to arbitration and which one we’d rather give five years to.
  • The Red Wings Sticking to the Plan & Trading for Defensemen - Trading for a guy is going to cost a bunch, but are the kids really the answer here?
  • Reader Questions - Y’all asked some real good questions and we gave you decent to outright great answers.

You can listen via the embedded player above or can download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find our stuff on iTunes and Google Podcasts. Heck, I’ll even mail you a CD of the damn thing if you pay me $100 (plus shipping).

WIIM Radio is rated R for language and postal fraud.