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Henrik Zetterberg Talks World Cup of Hockey with Hockeysverige

Sweden v Germany - 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

Our good friend Patrik Bexell (@Zeb_Habs) pointed us to an article across the pond where got a hold of Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg to talk about the upcoming World Cup of Hockey, his preparations, and expecations for the tournament.

You can read the full interview here.

Some highlights (courtesy of Google Translate with additional help by Patrik):

On his role:

Zetterberg, as team captain, will obviously have a major role in the World Cup- team, something he doesn’t see a burden.

- It will probably be a similar role I have in Detroit. One thing with this kind of tournament is that there are many players who are used to have big roles in their team. One of the keys will be to accept his role, it can get, because not everyone will be able to play as much as they do in their club teams.

- This has never been a problem in this kind of tournaments with Tre Kronor that I play in. We everyone thinks it's so much fun to be with and to get the win for Sweden as you take what you get.

On his health:

Zetterberg has had some back problems in recent seasons, but now seem the most work really well physically for him. - Right now I feel pretty good actually. I have had an okay summer of training and I went on the ice a few days ago. It is now the real fun begins when I get to go on the ice again and start training up.

On a little trash-talk:

Henrik, who lost against Sweden in the World Cup- final?- It will probably be Canada. They have a fantastic team and it would be great fun to lather frame them.

I asked Patrik what “lather frame them” means, and he explained it’s an expression basically meaning to beat them in an upset, so even in answering a question demanding he potentially give some bulletin-board material, Zetterberg went the diplomatic route.