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Meet the New WIIM Crew: Corey

It has been suggested that we, the new writers at WIIM let you know a little about us, as you’ve read some of the articles we have written:

I got into the Red Wings by simply watching them at a young age and fell in love with it. I will surely overreact this year, and I know I’m supposed to “expect less” but after all hockey season around here should end in May at the earliest.

I first got into working in hockey because of then Oakland University Hockey head coach Sean Hogan, who was an assistant doing video for Jeff Blashill at Western Michigan and now, Sean is now the head coach at Ohio University, he brought me on his staff and took a chance on me and I owe everything that has happened since then to him.

My favorite player of all-time is Steve Yzerman and my friends know I’m a huge Mike Babcock fan.

Here are a few things I believe about the Wings; I’m a firm believer that Ken Holland is afraid, (maybe it’s a harsh word) to take the big risk to acquire real good talent via trade.

The biggest forward acquired via trade since the salary cap in my opinion, has been Todd Bertuzzi on February 27, 2007. Before that was Robert Lang on February 27, 2004 pre-cap. The last big shakeup trade up front, acquiring a top player and moving out a top player was October 9, 1996, the Brendan Shanahan and Brian Glynn for Keith Primeau and Paul Coffey.

That type of trade has been long overdue to bring in a power forward and it is needed to bring in a defenseman again, what I believe. (Yes, Holland has traded for Matthew Schneider and Dominik Hasek I give him full credit for those.)

I also think we all should stop promoting the playoff streak. I think keeping the streak alive is hurting the franchise and making them do things that are sure to backfire and some have. The numbers below are nothing to smile at.

The Wings have lost three straight seasons in the first round with a 5-12 record, never winning a series in the Eastern Conference yet since the move for the 2013-14 season. Detroit has been eliminated in the first round four of the last five seasons with a record of 13-23. Since losing in the Stanley Cup Final in 2009, the Red Wings are 25-34 in the playoffs winning just three of ten series, two of which were against the Phoenix, now Arizona Coyotes.

Finally, I think the media in this town is extremely soft on the Red Wings as a whole. Unfortunately, to feel that I am getting a truthful and uncensored view, I have had to turn to the Canadian press for rumors and opinions on the Wings. Anytime Wings news breaks it is always reported first in Canada and not Detroit.

Currently, I am the Assistant General Manager and Play-By-Play announcer for Oakland University Hockey. Kyle Bauer who also writes for WIIM, and I used to host a weekly hockey show and he was my color analyst. I can still see the nervousness in his eyes when I didn't hold back on certain subjects. I have been fortunate to have been a part of several national championships at Oakland and have seen some very special players play.

I’ve been fortunate to meet many people, cover things from the NHL draft to the OHL Finals and attend and learn so much from attending hockey conferences that have shaped my opinions on hockey today.

I want the Red Wings to win, I want deep playoff runs, I just don’t believe the current direction is the right one. Finally, I would love to have to write an “I was wrong sorry Kenny” article for WIIM next summer after a deep playoff run.