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Getting to Know WIIM: Christian (choppens)

It was suggested that all of us newbies here at WIIM should write a little bit to introduce themselves to the community, so here goes nothing.

First off, my interests revolve around my new dog Ted, weird Twitter, Miller High Life and Detroit sports. I enjoy listening to Steely Dan and watching the Eric Andre Show and have terrible sleeping habits.

Getting into the bio, I was born in Akron, Ohio about 23 years ago and was moved up to the metro Detroit area six months later.

My first 18 years were spent in a snooty suburb about 25 miles west of Detroit and 20 miles east of Ann Arbor, where I spent most of my time watching sports, playing with dogs and growing out an unwieldy afro.

Circa 2010

After high school, my studies took me to Ohio University (Bobcats, not the Buckeyes) as I studied journalism for five years and had a lot of cool writing opportunities like covering college football bowl games, the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, the opening rounds of the NCAA DI College Baseball Tournament and the ACHA Playoffs. I also had the opportunity to string for the Boston Globe, which is probably gonna be the peak of my journalistic career.

But it was at Ohio where my love for hockey really blossomed.

I had been a Red Wings fan for my entire life, but it was more of a thing where I’d wait till the playoffs to start caring because what happened in the regular season was a foregone conclusion.

Coincidentally, my college years coincided with Detroit becoming mortal. No longer could I assume the team outclassed the rest of the Western Conference(and later on the East). The Wings were just another playoff team and that somehow increased my interest in this franchise.

The credit also goes to my first college friend and roommate, whose obsession with the Penguins and all things hockey forced me, a baseball-first kind of person, to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of hockey.

One of the intricacies of hockey—for me, anyway—is hockey twitter, which is what introduced me to WIIM.

I’m not sure if it was one of J.J.’s puns being RT’d on my feed or actual hockey news, but once I found this website, I was in love.

The media coverage of this team has been so soft and lacked any sort of analysis that took you beyond what you watched on the ice. This site provided that and has kept improving in the years since.

It’s really cool contributing to a site with cool people and cool readers and it was great getting to meet some of them at the meetup in Ferndale a few weeks ago.

So I’m looking forward to contributing even more as the season continues and will spend all of my waking moments that aren’t spent working behind the front desk of a hotel trying to think of hot enough takes to share with ya’ll.

Thanks for taking me in, WIIM family.