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WATCH: Pavel Datsyuk’s first KHL goal is eerily familiar

Russia v USA - 2016 IIHF World Championship Ice Hockey: Bronze Medal Game Photo by Anna Sergeeva/Getty Images

In case you live under a rock, Pavel Datsyuk doesn’t play for the Red Wings anymore. Despite that, he’s still a Red Wing in my heart. Yesterday, Pavel scored one hell-of-a-backhand-goal in his first KHL appearance of the season. Watch the full video here:

Using the video from Robert Söderlind’s tweet and some old NHL footage on YouTube, I found that Pavel Datsyuk has, uh, done this before. Surprise, surprise. The Magic Man has a bag of tricks, and he’s used them before:

Again, stick-tap to @HockeyWebCast for always providing clips from KHL and other games around Europe.