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Report: Ducks in significant trade talks with Eastern Conference team

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Anaheim Ducks Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Anaheim Ducks this offseason due to their glut of highly-talented RFA players that need to be re-signed. Without much traction to anything happening during the dog-days of the offseason, a report has surfaced out of Vancouver from TSN radio host, Blake Price:

The first name that pops to mind is defenseman Cam Fowler. Fowler’s name has been attached to Red Wings trade rumors practically all summer-long. So much so, that even the beat writers have been banging the Cam Fowler drum. Could there be a deal in place that brings Cam Fowler to the Red Wings?

Cap difficulties

Obviously the Ducks are trying to offload some cap to sign players like Hampus Lindholm. The Red Wings are a team who have very little cap flexibility, and would need to also shed some significant cap to make this happen. For that very reason, I doubt this is a deal that involves Detroit. The team needs to essentially trade dollar-for-dollar, and by the sounds of it, Anaheim won’t have much interest in doing that. My guess is that of all Eastern teams the Ducks strike a deal with, it could end up being Boston.