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Red Wings Ranked on NHL Network’s “Top 10 Rivalries of All-Time”

Chris Drury grabs Chris Chelio in a pile-up Photo by Elsa/Getty Images/NHLI

The NHL Network has released it’s “Top 10 Rivalries of All-Time,” and whether you think it’s petty or not, the Red Wings made a couple of appearances on the list.

Here’s a look at the whole list:

  1. Canadiens vs Bruins
  2. Canadiens vs Maple Leafs
  3. Flames vs Oilers
  4. Penguins vs Flyers
  5. Blackhawks vs Red Wings
  6. Rangers vs Islanders
  7. Avalanche vs Red Wings
  8. Penguins vs Capitals
  9. Oilers vs Jets
  10. Rangers vs Devils

You want my opinion? The Wings - Avs rivalry deserves to be in the top three. Obviously that rivalry is dead, but at it’s height, it was one of the most exciting and vicious rivalries the NHL ever had.

There’s no doubt that the Hawks - Wings rivalry is great, but ever since the move to the East, it’s died off. Nevertheless, the history is there. Here’s a look at the full video: