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Red Wings Trade Bait: Thomas Vanek

NHL: Centennial Classic-Detroit Red Wings at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Details

Age: 32

Cap Hit: $2,600,000

Expires: July 2017

Clauses: None

Trade Deadline: February 28, 2017. 3pm EST

Vanek, is the most obvious player Ken Holland needs to trade. He has had a very good comeback season for this stage of his career and has been one of the Red Wings best players. It’s a shame that the Red Wings did not have Vanek a few seasons ago, he could have been a key player to help them advance in the playoffs and be more than just a wild card team.

Currently according to CapFriendly, Detroit has $4,652,955 in cap space next season if the cap were to remain at $73,000,000. Remember Tomas Tatar will be a restricted free agent and will take up most of that barring him being traded. Also, the expansion draft will give you some additional space, depending on who is selected. However with the rules for protecting players in the expansion draft, the current projected cap space and the state of the team, there is no logic in keeping Vanek pass the deadline.

With that in mind, Vanek is a very attractive piece for teams looking to make a Cup run. The Red Wings must get something in return for him, that will help build for the future. He doesn’t cost much at all, in terms of cap space which means Vanek is in play for almost all playoff teams. He can slide right into a teams top six and power play, adding that extra scoring punch that teams desperately need in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I believe Holland will receive a few good offers for Vanek, He should create a bidding war. Vanek could also be the player teams call about after they strike out on a bigger prize and end up overpaying the Red Wings to acquire him. Holland needs to get as much as possible, but there is no doubt with the team currently on the outside of the playoff hunt Vanek must be traded.

Hopefully there is a team which thinks Vanek puts them over the top, and nets the Red Wings a solid return.

Now let’s turn to KyleWIIM for his take on breakdown specifics of a Vanek trade.

What could a trade for Thomas Vanek bring Detroit?

I don’t think Vanek is going to net you a first-rounder. I think the asking price should certainly start high, but inevitably come down. Ideally for a guy like Vanek, who is no mystery to NHL teams at this point of his career, you’d like to get a 2nd round pick, and a middling prospect. Since the contract expires at the end of the season, the Wings can also sweeten the deal by retaining some salary. Maybe a team like the Penguins want to add another scoring dynamic to their team? Montreal? Chicago? He’ll definitely be in demand from contending teams. I mean, Andrew Ladd returned a 1st round pick and Marko Dano for crying out loud.

If Traded The Ideal Projected Deal Could be:

Best case scenario, and I’m just spit-balling here, the Penguins are dead-set on adding a guy like Vanek. I think the Red Wings should ask for a pick and a prospect — 2017 2nd round pick, and Oskar Sundqvist could be a good package to request. Ideally I’d like to get a guy like Derrick Pouliot, but he’s a big-name prospect. I think the Wings would need to add to the deal to make something like that gain any traction.