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Red Wings Allow 48 SOGs, Can’t Get Past Bruins

NHL: Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Wings faced off against Boston tonight, missing key players Dylan Larkin and Tomas Vanek.

First Period

The Wings got off to a bad start with two early chances by Boston and a Kronwall penalty within the first minute. They managed to kill the penalty off, but only minutes after the Bruins’ heavy forecheck led to a turnover by Sheahan and a goal by Kevan Miller. Sadly, getting a quick start was a significant key to the game and to holding the Bruins off.

The Red Wings failed to register their first shot on goal until 11 minutes into the period....BUUUUT that’s all they needed to get a goal! Athanasiou received an incredible cross ice feed from Green and did not disappoint.

At the 16 minute mark of the period, Jonathan Ericsson’s stick broke while taking a slap shot, resulting in a breakaway for Pastrnak. Ericsson made [at the time] a smart play and played the puck with his broken stick and prevented the breakaway, which resulted in a penalty. Well, that proved to be a bad idea because Brad Marchand took advantage of poor puck clearing by the Wings and tapped in the go-ahead goal.

Not much to say about this period really. Yes, Athanasiou is an exciting player. Yes, sometimes one shot is all you need. But the Wings are plagued by bad starts, too few shots on goal and too many allowed, time and time again. Their style of play is not sustainable. Period.

Score: 2-1 BOS

Shots 21-7 BOS

Second Period

The Wings got a great opportunity early in the period to get their offense going with a power play. They didn’t score, but, their PP units played pretty good and cycled the puck well.

Aside from that glimmer of hope, they continued their tepid play throughout the period and struggled to get shots on goal. Somehow, a puck battle in the corner with Nyquist and Zetterberg ended up with the puck on Green’s stick at the point. He sent a slap shot to the net which deflected off Kevan Miller and in. Seriously, how is this happening?

The good luck didn’t stop there. Tomas Tatar made a great read in the neutral zone and marched to the Bruins’ net and sent a shot past Rask. Wings up 3-2.

I’m as perplexed as you guys.

The Wings picked up their pace considerably this period. They had one of their better moments in the game at the 15 minute mark when they spent a good chunk of time in the Bruins zone, putting pressure on them and driving shots to the net.

Score: 3-2 DET

Shots: 33-15 BOS

Third Period

The Wings kept their fast face in the third and got a little closer to closing the gap in SOGs.

At about the halfway mark, Brad Marchand played spoiler once again after a long scramble to find the puck in front of the Red Wings’ net. Coreau stopped the first two shots and just couldn’t find come up with the third save. The Wings challenged the goal, and lost the challenge along with a timeout. Tie game.

Krug (embellishment) and Athanasiou (holding) got offsetting penalties at the 14 minute mark and we got some scramble-y 4 on 4 hockey.

Mike Green got the best chance of the period from Zetterberg and Tatar to get one past Rask but sent it wide.

Helm had another fantastic chance in front of a diving Rask, but also failed to convert.

Both teams came close, but no one gets ahead. The Wings get a point, and we go off to OT!

Score: 3-3

Shots: 47-23 BOS


The Wings almost immediately gave the puck away to Krejci and the Bruins threatened to score. Abdelkader intercepted the puck in the Wings zone and then fell down near the boards...this is not off to a good start.

Nielsen got a good chance in front of Rask, but just missed and Spooner ran down to the other end but Coreau stood tall.

With less than a minute left, Pastrnak sent a slap shot past Coreau - his first goal in 18 games. The Wings all committed to defending one side of the ice and left Pastrnak open to receive a clean pass.

The goal may have been offside and the refs took a second look. Sadly, further review confirmed that it was not offside and the goal stood.

The Wings get a point, despite being outshot and out-chanced but lose again OT.

Score: 4-3 BOS

Shots: 48-26 BOS