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Quick Hits: The Top 100

2009 NHL Awards - Portraits Photo by Harry How/Getty Images for NHL

The Big Story

Who were biggest snubs of 100 Greatest NHL Players list? | Puck Daddy

If you haven’t checked out the NHL’s list of his 100 greatest players, you can do so here. Plenty of players obviously didn’t make it. There are always snubs any time a list like this is created. Some were near misses like Brendan Smith. Others you might think deserved the honor weren’t even close to being considered. I’m just glad all the appropriate Red Wings made it. Happy to see Pavel Datsyuk name on the list.

In Red Wings Land

The time is right for Red Wings to be sellers at trade deadline | Detroit Free Press

Another Detroit sports voice chiming in about the Red Wings selling at the trade deadline a month from now. There really isn’t anything in this article we haven’t written here or read elsewhere, but it’s good to see the media is jumping on board the selling train. It’s the right thing for this franchise right now and for the future.

Let’s Go Red Wings.