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Quick Hits: Bettman Talks; Mantha No Longer Very, Very, Very Disappointing

Toronto Maple Leafs v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Vegas All-Star Game Among Commissioner’s Topics |

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman did an interview over All-Star weekend where he addressed a number of topics. Normally, I'm not a huge advocate for listening to what he has to say. However, he has some pretty good answers to reporters’ questions that range across the Olympics, future All-Star games, jersey ads (where he basically said they'd need to be paid more money than is currently in circulation), the Instigator Rule, etc.

The write-up along with the interview has some interesting info as well, in relation to the Expansion Draft and when the Vegas team will begin to formally operate. The whole thing is worth the 20-25 minutes it'll take you to listen to the interview and read the article.

Goodbye Minors? Anthony Mantha Showing Potential Red Wings Hoped For |

Brendan Savage has some good quotes in here from Blashill and Holland, telling us fans at WIIM what we all hoped to hear - Anthony Mantha is, most likely, here to stay. And don't just rely on my paraphrasing for that:

General manager Ken Holland thinks Mantha used his time in Grand Rapids wisely to hone his game for the NHL.

"In junior he was better than a lot of players," Holland said. "He's 6-foot-5, on a good team and he's better than a lot of players. And when you get to the National Hockey League, it's a hard league to be better than a lot of players. You got to start to play the pro game and I think he's worked really hard.

"I think Anthony Mantha adjusted. He came up to the American Hockey League the first year, he made the adjustments, he worked on the things that he needed to work at.

"I'm not sure he'll see the American League again."

I realize the quote is completely not a commitment to keep him with the big club, but it's still nice to hear.