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Red Wings vs Devils Gameday Updates: Line Combinations, Key Matchups

Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

No changes from yesterday’s practice, and we’ve confirmed that Larkin will be playing tonight!

The Expected Lineup

Powerplay Units

New Jersey's Lineup

Keys to the Game

Score on the powerplay

Over the last 10 games the Wings have scored a grand total of 3 powerplay goals on 29 opportunities. Somehow that 10.3% is worse than the 11.1% our powerplay’s been humming along at this entire season. The NHL median powerplay success rate is 18%. If the Wings managed to convert on 18% of their 162 opportunities, they’d have nearly 11 more goals on the season. Of course this isn’t a perfect comparison, but the powerplay is a problem however you slice it. Converting there even once tonight would be huge.

Stop giving up so many goals

Preventing goals has definitely been an issue as of late. Even though Jared Coreau has had a good first few games of his NHL career, he’s still floating around a .907 SV%. And I don’t think it’s entirely his fault either. The Wings have been outshot in all but one of their games since the first of the year. It’s hard to win games with average goaltending. It’s even harder when you consistently give up more shots than you attempt.

Play fast

I’m noticing a trend with this team; they’re at their best when they play “fast”. Whether it’s clearing the zone, gaining the offensive zone, cycling the puck, whatever, the Wings need to play with a good pace tonight. Let the rising young stars who can skate open things up and keep the Devils honest. I want the Devils to be constantly worried about the threat of an Athanasiou or Mantha breakaway. No needless dump-ins. No uncontrolled zone exits. Play with the puck, play fast, play like you’ve got nothing to lose.