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Quick Hits: Brooklyn Breaking Up With Islanders; Red Wings Ready To Be Sellers?

Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Big Story

Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Is Dumping the Islanders | Bloomberg

I’m just going to go ahead and file this one in the “not surprising” pile. Like any tumultuous relationship the Islanders and Barclays Center seemed doomed from the beginning. Poor ice conditions, horrible sightlines and a functional SUV parked in the lower-bowl doesn’t seem to be inspiring people to attend professional hockey games in Brooklyn.

In Red Wings Land

Krupa: Red Wings might be in sell mode soon | The Detroit News

Gregg Krupa is the latest Detroit beat writer to throw some gasoline on the “Red Wings need to sell” fire. Krupa breaks down the evidence in a honest and forthright way that’s hard to argue against.

But even if they improve markedly, their disappointing play for the last season and a half increasingly suggests the advisability of a determined shift to investing current assets in a longer term future, not the whimsy of attending to near-term playoff contention

I think the idea of the Red Wings annually remaining a team that is desperately attempting to keep their playoff-streak going with a team comprising of several terrible contracts is something that most fans in Hockeytown don’t care to stomach.

As a fan, I think it’s time to shake things up in Detroit. With both the trade deadline and the expansion draft looming on the horizon things could get very interesting for the Red Wings, and I’m personally looking forward to it.