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Detroit Red Wings Trade Bait: Mike Green

Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Details

Age: 31

Cap Hit: $6,000,000

Expires: July 2018

Clauses: No Trade Clause

Trade Deadline: February 28, 2017. 3pm EST

With being sellers on the mind of so many Red Wings fans, why should the team just stop at expiring contracts? We have already heard the rumors of many teams looking around for top 4 defenseman, per usual and they are hard to find. So, why not shop around Mike Green to the teams in the thick of the playoff race?

First off you would have to explain to him (You need him to waive his no trade clause) that the team, is going to be sellers, going to be rebuilding and you’re 31 years old. If it takes three to five years to return to legitimate contenders we are then talking about a 34-36 year old Green. The contract if he is signed to an extension would be one which hurts the rebuild because of his age and you would no doubt want that $6,000,000 in cap space to add a younger better defenseman in free agency.

With the current state of the team, keeping Green is a luxury they cannot afford.

If I’m running the Wings, I ask myself three questions; Will the return for Mike Green be greater now or when he’s a rental next trade deadline? What will it cost to extend his contract this summer or sometime next season? Finally, Do I really believe, that next season the team will be in a position to make some kind of noise in the playoffs?

The answers to those questions in my opinion, are if he’s willing to waive his no trade clause, the team acquiring Green, will have him for two playoff runs. With the high prices to get a top four defenseman it could be worth it to a team to pay a little bit more to get a player who cannot walk in the summer.

Next, the cost to extend Green will be in a similar range for Detroit or a little bit more and as explained earlier in the article, it’s not a good fit for a rebuilding team.

Finally, I do not believe the Red Wings will be in a position to make noise in next years playoffs. The return you could get for Green, is the best long term options for the franchise. They should be very proactive about this situation.

Now let’s turn to KyleWIIM for his take on breakdown specifics of a Green trade.

What could a trade for Mike Green bring Detroit?

I think the asking price starts at a 1st round pick, a prospect, then goes from there. A comparable trade would be the Keith Yandle trade, when Arizona flipped him and a comparable contract with term to the Rangers for multiple draft picks, and Anthony Duclair. Now, I’m not sure Green will yield a comparable boat of assets, but as I said before, the negotiations must begin with a 1st round pick, and a notable prospect. Green is very much a useful offensive weapon with a decent contract that isn’t a rental. He’s extremely valuable... So if the Red Wings are looking to cash this check, they need to do just that.

What teams could be interested?

Funny that you ask, I think the Rangers would be a team interested in Green. They’re a group looking to bolster their blue line, but I’d rather look at a team who has some room and is more poised to make a push — The Columbus Blue Jackets might be one of those teams. They have plenty of space, and could make a deep run into the playoffs. Adding a piece like Mike Green could really help push them over the top.

If Traded The Ideal Projected Deal Could be:

To Detroit:

2017 or 2018 1st round pick, 2017 or 2018 2nd round pick OR 2018 2nd round pick, Gabriel Carlsson (defensive prospect playing in the SHL)

(keep in mind that CBJ’s 2nd round pick this year and next year are on condition to the Canucks for Tortorella. The Red Wings would need to take this into consideration.)


Mike Green, conditional draft pick (condition being if CBJ makes the SCF in 2017)