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Quick Hits: The Concussion Edition (again)

Winnipeg Jets v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Jets forward Patrik Laine diagnosed with a concussion | Canadian Press -

Patrik Laine, one of the league’s most exciting forwards, is out indefinitely.

The hit that concussed him was ruled clean, which has led to a debate throughout the league about what is a penalty and what isn’t a penalty.

We keep hearing “keep your head up!,” but one must keep his eye on the puck to receive a pass, so is it always on the pass receiver?

Update: Just to be clear, the general consensus is that this was a clean hit as defined by the current rules. The question is whether the rule should be modified to keep players from getting drilled like this.

I couldn’t find a good link for this, but based on what I heard about from last night’s game, it seems like Danny Dekeyser should have have had more of an evaluation than he did.

Red Wings make fan's wish come true | by Dan Rosen,

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t had Quick Hits in a little while. If you have noticed, sorry.

Either way, this is a great story. Henrik Zetterberg hosted a teen who has leukemia. In the Epix series, you could see the captain give Jager Perreault his Centennial Classic jersey. Well, not “his,” but an exact copy of the jersey he would later wear against Toronto.

Perreault, along with his parents, Celine and Alain, were escorted into the Red Wings dressing room, where they found every player sitting in front of his locker stall.

"He's not normally speechless," Celine said.

But Perreault was as Detroit coach Jeff Blashill introduced him to the team and to Zetterberg, who gave him an autographed jersey.

"I don't know if there are words to describe that," Perreault said upon leaving the room to head toward the outdoor rink, where he'd watch practice.

This wasn’t the only great thing Detroit players did this weekend:

Perreault never looked away from the ice except to glance down at his phone to set up his camera for another picture. Brendan Smith and Gustav Nyquist each handed him a puck through a hole in the glass reserved for photographers.

Also, if you watched the Epix series “The Road to the Outdoor Classics,” you saw that Perrault was given the opportunity to read off the Wings starting lineup, which is pretty cool.

Here’s something even cooler:

Perreault is doing better now. His chemo treatments have been reduced to once a month and he gets a spinal tap every three months. His doctors have told him he will be allowed to end his chemo treatments Dec. 11, 2018.

"Everything looks good up to now," Alain, his father, said.

Best of luck to Perreault in his recovery!