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Quick Hits: The Toot Edition

Consecration Of The Zugspitze Cross After Renovation Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Clearing the blare: LCA goal horn a recording from Joe - The Detroit News
Finally, the big writeup on the goal horn issue at least answering the questions of what's going on with the horn, confirming that it is indeed a recording, why the Wings did it, and whether they're planning on doing anything about the fan complaints (no).

Around the League

Sidney Crosby Should Hear From Department of Player Safety After Braden Holtby Hit - Defending Big D
DBD compares Crosby running Holtby the other night with a hit that got Cody Eakin suspended for four games. Personally, I think the Eakin hit was twice as bad due to the increased speed and angle that Eakin had versus Crosby. I don't believe Crosby did enough to avoid contact (he should have trailed his shoulder instead of led with it), but I have to at least admit there's benefit of the doubt available there where there isn't on the Eakin hit. However, a four-game suspension being twice as bad as the hit we saw, I at least agree that no suspension for Crosby is bullshit.