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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Back Home Edition

The Postal Museum Opens Featuring A Kilometre Long Train Ride Attraction Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag! We’ll be recording our newest episode tonight with the plan of having it out for your listening pleasure first thing in the morning. So far the lineup has me, Kyle, and Lauren hopping on to talk all things Wings. Here’s the rundown:

The Wings so Far - A 4-2 record with some promise and also some concerns, but nothing really surprising so far at this point. Would be more fun to be all giddy about a win over the Lightning, but that wasn’t in the cards. Perhaps a dose of reality can be just as fun though? lol of course not. We’ll go over what’s working and what’s not working through six games.

Around the World/League - We can talk about what’s going on in Switzerland! Hopefully we’ll know more by the time the episode actually records though. While we’re waiting, let’s take a spin around the NHL and talk about what we’ve been seeing elsewhere in the NHL. Are the Rangers really that bad now? Are the Avs actually good? Boy it’s fun in mid-October, huh?

Positivity Corner - Let’s take stock of the things that make us happy so you can too.

Reader Questions - Here’s where you come in: Hit us with your best questions in the comments and we’ll give you all the best answers. Don’t ask about Ken Holland though. That question gets asked every time. We won’t answer it. Ask us about burritos instead.

Looking Ahead - The Wings have two more games this week and then four next week in a tough schedule. How will we fare coming out of it?

Get your questions in before too late tonight, as we’ll start recording after all the smallest children go to bed. Thanks and LGRW!