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Quick Hits: The Tragically Hip Edition

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Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2011 - Day 3 Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Goal scorers have Red Wings seeing star | Ted Kulfan

Jonathan Ericsson is quoted heavily in this piece about defending against high firepower lineups like Tampa and Dallas. Before you make any jokes about Ericsson’s authority to discuss this topic, read the article. If nothing else, he comes across as thoughtful and well-spoken, and his language oozes the culture that the Red Wings love.

The rise, fall, and stalled rebuild of the Detroit Red Wings | Tom Perkins

This is a wonderfully insightful article about the current state of the Red Wings and how they got here. Specifically, it grapples with the complex legacy of Ken Holland, and how the ire of one of hockey’s most disgruntled fanbases was once the rock star of the NHL front offices. Also, some dude named J.J. helped write it, so read it for that reason if none other.

Around the League

RIP Gord Downie: Hockey world mourns the passing of the Tragically Hip’s frontman | Ken Campbell

Until last night’s game against the Leafs, I was only really aware of this band by their name. But musicians move us in profound and sublime ways that we can’t really explain often in words, and when the whole hockey community is struggling to express what Gord Downie means to them, well, that’s big.

Bonus (Paywall)

Bourne: Has the NHL ‘figured out’ Dylan Larkin, and if so, what can he do? | Justin Bourne

This is stuck behind a paywall on The Athletic, but if you can view it I would recommend reading it. It very nicely lays out some of the myths and realities of Larkin’s sophomore slump and other players like him.