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Quick Hits: The Lightning Are All right Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings frustrated with slump, but not looking for excuses | Sean Leahy, NBC Sports

They’re not the only ones frustrated with how this season has come off the rails so early. Hopefully tomorrow’s Quick Hits can be for an article that talks about how the Wings were able to pull together and take out their frustration on the Panthers en route to a huge win.

Around the NHL

Stamkos’ Transformation into Kucherov’s Set-up Man Has Lightning Looking Scarier Than Ever | Ken Campbell, The Hockey News

The rest of the Atlantic Division knows all about Nikita Kucherov. It seems like any time we play the Lightning, Kucherov has a monster game including a timely goal/assist that sucks all of the Wings’ momentum out of the game.

I was a big Stamkos fan before the realignment put the Lightning in our division. It’s cool to see him leading the league in points and back on track with his career after a few devastating injuries cost him about two-thirds of two seasons. I just wish it wasn’t at the Wings’ expense now.