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Quick Hits: The Blender is Dead, Long Live the Blender Edition

Barclaycard NY Food and Wine Festival Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Barclaycard

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings: Jimmy Howard's approach, lines and Frk! that hurt - Detroit Free Press
A few takeaways in here, but mostly I wanted to follow up on the questions asked of Blashill about the line juggling moratorium that only lasted 35 minutes. Blashill wriggled out of it with this justification:

“I never made any promises in games,” he said. “I only stated these will be what the lines will be to start. I have to be able to make in-game adjustments as we go. We’ll go right back to the same lines.”

Yeah ok....

Around the League

Golden Knights reportedly suspend Vadim Shipachyov, waive Griffin Reinhart - Knights On Ice
The problems with Vadim Storkaloft get more-complicated as the Russian star refuses to report to the team's AHL squad and will either be traded or potentially have his contract voided after his suspension (although prior to termination he has to be put on waivers, which would allow any other team to claim him). Such weird asset management by the Knights here. I think the guy ought to report because it's part of the contract he signed and he should have been well-aware of the possibility that this would happen when he signed, but I also don't get the Knights' treatment of this situation.