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Much Ado About Frk All: A Moveable Object vs. A Stoppable Force - Detroit 2, Ottawa 1 (SO)

Detroit Red Wings v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images


After one warm-up recap during the pre-season, I’m ready to shake off the rust and get back to regular season Red Wings recapping!

Luke Witkowski is in the lineup to provide some puck chasing and reckless penalties. The good news is that it’ll help our penalty killers get some good practice.

Ottawa’s defense, and you could almost say team, is like an old school rock band where you have one named guy and the rest. Eddie and the Cruisers, KC and the Sunshine Band, Josie and the Pussycats.

Yes, I know that I am rounding the corner of Pot Street and Kettle Lane, but Ottawa’s defense is pretty terrible without Karlsson, and now without Johnny Oduya, so the Wings should be able to take advantage of that.

Are you ready for Red Wings hockey?

Me too. Let’s go.

Period 1

The puck drops, and we get a slashing penalty.

Just kidding, but you would have believed me, right?

Zetterberg has a nice block off what looked like a good chance for Smith.

This time, we really do get a penalty. Holding penalty in the offensive zone on Pageau for holding Green. The Red Wings power play has been good through one game, so let’s hope they can keep it up.

Tatar misses on a shot right in front because the Red Wings are still in playoff contention.

The Red Wings power play is so much more dangerous this year because the team shoots the puck quickly. Last year, it was like they had to wait until they got the eighth pass punched on their punch card before they could get their free shot.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with Kronwall not being on the power play (or in the lineup).

The Wings don’t score on the man advantage, but they get a couple good looks, and things are looking promising for future power plays. glitched out, so I didn’t get to see the penalty on Trevor Daley. Let’s assume it was slashing. (Looks it up) It was!!

On the man advantage, the Red Wings commit another penalty. The announcers think it was a slash, which is a good assumption, but it was actually a hook. Jonathan Ericsson is your hooker on the play. I know.

Howard makes a good save on an Ottawa crash the net play

A little bit of a meta comment: Fox Sports Detroit is really dropping the ball on providing the viewer with basic information like who a penalty is on and what it was for.

Detroit kills the penalty. Halfway through the period, it’s pretty even.

Witkowski makes a good play to carry the puck in and throw it in front for a Detroit chance. Shortly after, Tatar to Nyquist off a turnover almost led to the first goal of the game, but Anderson turned the puck away.

Jimmy Howard has looked good so far, and Detroit’s defense has done a pretty good job of keeping the Senators to the outside.

Dylan Larkin is making good plays that don’t involve him circling the zone. Not saying that can’t work, but he has been a bit of a one-trick pony in the past, and it’s good to see him making the D guess what he’s going to do.

A few minutes later, Larkin deked around a defenseman and drove to the net for a good chance. Detroit has had more of the good scoring chances thus far, but neither time has had a real great chance.

Detroit takes another penalty. Ericsson gets called for slashing Kyle Turris.

Dylan Larkin on the penalty kill is very effective. He’s doing a good job at closing down lanes, and his speed gives Detroit a good weapon to counterattack. It would be really great if that had someone with similar characteristics for the other unit.

Xavier Ouellet saved a goal by getting a stick on a rebound and clearing it out.

Mike Green made a great defensive play, then made a great hook on Pageau. He had to, unfortunately and the officials saw it.

Helm lined up a Senator for a big hit on the PK and did not injure himself, so something is clearly wrong.

Dylan Larkin and Glendening had a 2 on 1 on the PK. Larkin passed to Glendening, and somehow LGD didn’t score.

As the period expired, Frans Nielsen jumped on a loose puck and we nearly had our first Danish Backhand of Judgement (TM) goal, but Anderson kept it out and we end the first period 0-0.

In another game, Roman Josi hit Ian Cole in the face with a slapshot and knocked some of his teeth out. I have no interest in watching that, but if you want to, you do you.

Feelings at the end of the first:

Second Period

As the period begins, Jeff Blashill was shown talking to the officials about the amount of penalties. While you can sympathize, Blashill is the one playing Jonathan Ericsson, whose performance so far has been:

Mantha starts the period by ripping a shot, then running over a Senator to get the puck. More of that please.

Trevor Daley gets caught pinching, and Dzingel is sprung on a breakaway. Howard stops him, but that was...not good.

In fact, through about six minutes, this whole period has been not good. Detroit was playing well in the first, but the second....

“Witkowski plays both defense and forward” - DRINK!

By the way, I can also write both left and right handed. Neither well, but I can still do it. Not sure why I thought of that.

Penalty on the Senators. Brassard for Slashing.

The Red Wings get some sustained pressure on the PP leading to a Tatar shot off a Zetterberg feed. Still 0-0.

Near the end of the power play, Martin Frk drew another penalty on Ottawa. Borowiecki is called for a slash.

I haven’t seen this many slashes since the Crazy 88 scene in Kill Bill Volume 1.

And there is another slash as the penalty expires. I bet you can’t guess what the call is.

Anthony Mantha is called for slashing.

I haven’t seen this many slashes since....

Nah, I gotta save those. It’s like game 2.

Dekeyser breaks up a two on one rush from Ottawa, then shortly after, Ottawa hits the post. The last time I saw a segment of time so heavily weighted towards the Canadian side, it was a Tragically Hip lip syncing contest.

Man, Jimmy Howard has been really solid today. He is really helping to keep Detroit from paying for their defensive breakdowns. It’s still 0-0, but Ottawa has been much the better team in this period.


Craig Anderson just committed highway robbery. Abdelkader made a strong move to the net to backhand a rebound in, and Anderson made an unbelievable save.

Still 0-0 at the end of the second period.

Prashanth has an interesting stat here:

I know that at the end of the first, the FSD broadcast crew was saying that it’s because of all the special teams. In the second period, Detroit only took one penalty, so I have no idea why this is. I do know that it’s not a good idea to have one of your most dominant players only play 18% of the game.

So far, being ready for a fun game tonight, and getting this through two periods has been like this:

Third Period

Fun fact, I originally titled this segment Second Period. That’s how memorable the last 20 minutes were.

Luke Glendening did a great job of stealing’s a penalty for slashing.

OK, I can’t be mad at this one. He slashed the Ottawa player’s glove. Mickey is saying he slashed the stick, but I have to say that he’s wrong. It hit the glove. (ginger ale)

Hoffman takes a slashing penalty. I haven’t seen this many slashes since...Nope. Still gotta save it. But it’s like a lot.

History: Martin Frk is the only player in NHL history without a vowel in his name. Then Ken Daniels made a “Frk’in Good” joke. We are filing a copyright suit. We’ll let you know what happens.

JJ made a good point about why Mantha’s time has been limited:

Makes sense. Sucks, but makes sense.

Halfway through the third period, and even though the total shots add up to 54, it still feels like a game in which not much happened.

Ken Daniels with another reminder that Erik Karlsson had half his ankle bone removed. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an option in Operation, but it’s been a while.

Sheahan broke in from the left of Anderson and ripped a shot just wide because it’s not the last game of the season.

Still 6 minutes left, and I’m wondering who will be up first in the shootout.

Wow! Pageau took a baseball swing out of midair and put a shot on goal, but Howard kept it out.

If you liked the title of this article, I think it’s only fair to say that it’s a combination of suggestions from JJ and Lauren. I cannot take credit for it.


The first part is because I can use the “Frk” part of the headline we workshopped because Martin Frk Frking scored!

Also, Ken Daniels is apparently going to use “Frk” like “Smurf” this season, so that’s fun.

Woo hoooooo boy mother fuc...

Jonathan Ericsson hasn’t done anything bad in a while, so he gave the puck up to Ottawa, who shot it off Green to tie the game. I can’t help but feel like...

Just like Kronwall being out is addition by subtraction, having Ericsson out of the lineup would be the same.


After 2 minutes of nothing much, Howard is called upon to make a save, and is up to the task.

OH BOY! Howard with an amazing save on Dzingel, who broke in alone.

For some reason, Justin Abdelkader is out in overtime. He throws a pass to the bench, and Detroit ends up with a bench minor for too many men on the ice. Mike Green didn’t touch it, in fact he jumped over it, but the coaches really have to get their shit together. This happened way too often last year, and we’re still having the same problem here.


Frans Nielsen with the Danish backhand of Judgment!!! Mickey is surprised, but I’ve seen that move like.....50 times?

Howard save.

Nyquist shot saved by Anderson.

Bobby Ryan shot it over the net.

Trevor Daley to win it.........nope. Anderson shuts the wickets.

Brassard to tie it............HOWARD SAVED IT!!!!

THE RED WINGS WIN.........THE.............RED WINGS WIN!

To Ottawa fans:



I mean...

Let’s go Red Wings!!! 164 points here we come!!!