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My Mourning Jackets: Columbus 2 - Detroit 1 (SO)

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s Saturday night, and it’s time to play Columbus. I spent some time today catching up on Stranger Things (still watching season 1), so I was going to use that for the gif theme tonight. But then I realized that since I’m not even halfway through season 1, I very well could accidentally post spoilers. So, let’s go with a safer choice.

First Period

Justin Abdelkader has a broken cheekbone, so he won’t be playing tonight. Let’s see if anyone can step up and replace him.

Oh, it’s Luke (I can play both forward and defense in the same way that you can both sing Queen and Led Zeppelin songs) Witkowski.

The pre-game lines indicate that Witkowski will play on the third line with Helm and Nielsen. Blend that shit up, Jeff.

It is military appreciation night on this Veterans Day. Thank you to all our readers who served our country.

Puck drops with Howard in net.

Looks like the pre-game lines were wrong and Witkowski is on the fourth line with Glendening and Frk. Phew.

Or wait, Detroit has 7 defense? Sorry, I was distracted by Detroit giving up a goal just over a minute in.

Artemi Panarin gets by Green who was gliding behind him, although after watching the replay, you can see that Daley thought Helm had possession of the puck and went off on a line change. Helm lost it just after Daley started to head off, and Green didn’t really have a chance to catch Panarin.

Just after that, we have a really scary moment:

Brisebois goes to the locker room. Man, it looked pretty bad. Good sign that he can skate off under his own power, but it could have been a head injury or his left arm.

It’s been over five minutes, and Detroit doesn’t have a shot on goal yet. That’s not good.

Nielsen has a great chance on Detroit’s second shot, which follows quickly behind its first. Nielsen has a backhand chance, but Bobrovski keeps it out.

The Columbus goalie comes up big shortly after, stoning Zetterberg on a glorious chance. Detroit appears to have weathered the Columbus start. Well, except for that giving up a goal part.

Brisebois is back in the game, which is great to see. That fall looked like it could have caused some bad damage.

Luke Glendening takes a penalty for interference, and Columbus gets the game’s first power play.

Columbus is last in the league in power play percentage. Also, I know this is a minor thing, but i think FSD has figured out the picture-in-picture thing. They had an interview with a veteran while play was happening, and I could actually follow the play. I am clearly focused on the most important things.

Detroit kills the penalty, and we are still at 0-0 with 6 minutes left in the period.

Ericsson and Larkin combine for a nice play. Larkin gets it back to Ericsson for a shot from the point with traffic in front. Nothing major, but it was a nice little sequence.

Nick Foligno and Josh Anderson go after Luke Witkowski, but nothing happens. FSD shows a clip of Abdelkader getting his face broken.

Athanasiou, as he is wont to do, made something out of nothing. He started the break, then used his skate to keep the puck before getting it to Larkin for a dangerous shot. Bobrovski catches it and holds for a whistle.

Ouellet fans on a shot from the point, leaving Anderson to take the puck on a breakaway. Green tries to interfere legally, but he gets enough that the official calls a penalty shot, which is hard to argue with.

Howard stones Anderson on the penalty shot. He then stones Panarin on a one-timer from outside the circles. We end the first period 1-0 Columbus.

So far, it’s been....OK?

Second Period

Mantha gets a pass to Nyquist in front for the first chance of the period, and it was a good one. That line almost gets another great chance later that shift, so we are off to a good start.

Boone Jenner slashes Nick Jensen, steals the puck and get a chance, but Howard stops him. Should have been a penalty on Jenner, but oh well.

Daley and Ericsson take turns setting up scoring chances, but neither beats Bobrovski.

For the second time, a Columbus player commits a penalty to steal the puck with no call. I don’t like to complain about the officiating, but it’s not great.

Ericsson nearly fed Daley for Detroit’s first goal. #52 has been noticeable this period for good reasons, which is nice to see.

Larkin to Tatar nearly set up Detroit’s first goal, then shortly after, Tatar to Larkin almost did the same. Detroit is buzzing, but can’t beat Bob.

With the commercial break coming up, I’ll take this time to say that Detroit has been the better team other than the one bad line change that led to Columbus’ goal. Detroit has had the better chances this period.

Mantha makes a nice play to hold at the blue line to prevent offsides, then gets the puck to Nyquist for a shot. Detroit is definitely getting their chances, but Bobrovski is coming up big for Columbus.

Panarin’s line reminds us that they can make a goal appear out of nowhere, as they nearly do just that, but Detroit’s defense holds.

It’s pretty incredible that an NHL team can go two full periods without taking a penalty. Just felt like saying that for some reason.

This has so far been one of those games that you just have on in the background while you are doing something else. But since I’m not doing something else, it feels a bit boring. Sure there have been chances, but it’s a lot of dumping and chasing, rinse and repeat.

Third Period

The Wings have 20 minutes to make up a one goal deficit. I think they can definitely do it.

Ouellet takes a shot from the point. Tatar is dumped in front, but the FSD graphics person who updates the Wings power play percentage numbers sits back down, disappointed.

GOAL!!!!! Athanasiou!

Man, what a setup. Kronwall finds the youngster for a wide open shot. I have been really hard on him this year, but Kronwall was a beast on that play, and is largely responsible for it.

The next shift, Columbus came back hard, but Detroit’s defense held.

After the goal, Detroit seems to have taken their foot off the gas pedal. Columbus gets a few good chances, but Howard stands tall. Detroit finally gets another chance, but Bobrovski stops Mantha.

Mantha has played great this season, but he had a really bad shift with about 6 minutes left in the period. He made about 3 or 4 bad decisions. Hopefully he can just shrug it off next shift.

Columbus is really buzzing here late. Detroit barely hangs on in the last minute. Tatar breaks out and leads the rush with Athanasiou. They can’t get a shot, and Columbus goes the other way. We go to overtime.


Columbus is 3-0 in OT, Detroit is 0-1 (not including shootouts)

Columbus spends the entire first minute in Detroit’s end. Foligno to Werenski was nearly the ballgame, but the crossbar saved Detroit.

Halfway through, and Detroit has barely had the puck.

Panarin nearly ends it, but Howard stops it.

Nyquist nearly has a breakaway, but can’t finish it.

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. Athanasiou and Mantha had a TWO ON OH. Bobrovski somehow stopped it. What a save.

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME PART TWO. Mantha had a breakaway and tried to get a sneaky shot past Bobrovski, but nope.

Larkin takes a penalty with 14.6 seconds left. If you missed this game, you have to watch the second half of this. It was amazing.

Columbus accidentally clears the puck for Detroit, and we will go to a shootout.


Nielsen SCORES! - He passes Vrbata for number one all time shootout goals.

Howard SAVES - no goal for Atkinson. goal. Good save by Bobrovski

Panarin beats Howard to tie it at 1-1.

Nyquist can’t beat Bobrovski.

Bjorkstrand has the game on his stick. Howard with the save!

Zetterberg fakes the slapshot, but then loses the puck and can’t score.

Werenski can’t put it past Howard.

Tatar tries to go five-hole, but he can’t get it through.

Dubinsky shoots wide. Still going.

Dylan Larkin in Round 6. Hits the post!!! So close.

Wennberg can’t beat Howard...

Anthony Mantha is up for his first ever shootout attempt. Tries to wait out Bob, but he can’t hit the net.

Boone Jenner hits the post, and this is getting ridiculous!

Frk is up. Seriously. Can’t beat Bob five hole.

Foligno up next. Bottom half of round 8. Nope.

Pretty sure Howard will be shooting soon.

Trevor Daley is up. Wrist shot is stopped.

Jack Johnson up for Columbus. He sends the home team home sad by tucking it past Howard.

Well, the overtime was really exciting, and we got a point out of it, so it wasn’t all bad.

Columbus wins 2-1 in a shootout.