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Listen to WIIM Radio: The Line Blander Edition

The WIIM Crew is back talking all things Wings

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Welcome to the latest WIIM Radio! This time around I’m joined by Pete and Mike M. to chat all things Wings for y’all. Here’s what we got into:

The Wings’ Play of Late - The Columbus game was kind of a kick in the teeth, but Detroit has now lost two straight after decent showings in Edmonton and Vancouver. The good news is that without high expectations, the losses don’t have to hurt so bad! We kind of asked for them to put it on the kids more and take it win-or-lose and that’s kind of what they’re doing.

The Return of AA - It’s kind of old news by now, but we haven’t talked about it yet on the podcast, so you get to relive all the AA feelings. We go over what he’s brought to the Wings so far (including speed).

Blashill’s Blender - The Wings’ coach has made waves lately talking about retiring the line blender only to have that last less than a game and now not even living up to his promise of starting games with consistent lines. Is it really all bad though?

Around the League - A three-team blockbuster just went down and it impacts our division. Who won the Duchene deal? Is it possible we’ll end up with the rare three-way win on that deal?

Positivity Corner - We took a break to be nice about stuff, which is nice.

Reader Questions - Everybody’s favorite section where you asked us questions and we gave you the best answers your money could buy (if you were spending money for these answers).

Looking ahead - The season ain’t over yet. We’ll take a look at the upcoming schedule and let you know what the crystal ball says

You can listen via the embedded player above or download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on iTunes and Google Podcasts. For a nominal fee, I’ll mail you a Scrabble set that has many of the letters you’ll find in the words used for this very episode.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and facsimile spamming