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Quick Hits: The Jimmahhhhh Edition

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a slow news day so this is the best I’ve got.

In Red Wings’ Land

Detroit Red Wings doing good things, Jimmy Howard doing great things
Helene talks about how Jimmy has continued to save the day for the Red Wings. She's not wrong as Howard has been one of the five best goaltenders in the NHL this season. While her point is that he's used to be trade bait and now he's great, I'd argue that because he's great he should be trade bait. We'll see what the Red Wings actually do at the deadline, but I'd bet against Jimmy being dealt.

Around the NHL

Kariya, Selanne reunite on ice |
As a kid, it was hard to root against Selanne and Kariya. I loved the Red Wings, but I definitely had a soft spot for the Mighty Ducks (until ~April 2003). My second favorite sports call of all-time is Gary Thorne screaming "Off the floor, on the board - Paul Kariya" when Kariya scored his famous slapshot goal in the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals. Glad to see him and Selanne get the call to the Hall together.