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Quick Hits: Frkin’ A - Marty’s Out A Week Edition

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings’ Land

Red Wings' Martin Frk might be out a week |
I feel like this piece of news has flown under the radar. The Wings' powerplay has basically been the second unit of Larkin-Mantha-Athanasiou-Frk-Green. The Wings' top unit led by Zetterberg hasn't scored a powerplay goal in nearly a month. Losing Frk is a big blow to the Wings' special teams unit, even if it is only for a week.

Around the NHL

Montreal Canadiens' Marc Bergevin among NHL GMs on the hot seat
It comes from outside the Red Wings' blogosphere, but it still pertains. Sean McIndoe tabs Ken Holland as one of four GM's who are currently on the hot seat. Thus far, the Wings' have played respectably and that's tempered some of the frustration with the fan base. Still, it's not likely that the Wings sustain their current rate and if they do drop, heads may roll.

Bonus (Paywall)

What the Red Wings can learn from an anatomy of a successful power play – The Athletic
Shameless self plug but I spent 25+ hours reviewing passing data tracked by Ryan Stimson, Corey Sznajder and the volunteers of the Passing Project. I explicitly looked at what drives powerplay success and noted the effects of pre-shot movement on powerplay goal scoring. There are a lot of neat findings in here if you've got a subscription. If not, I'll be releasing the full data on Twitter over the next few days.