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Quick Hits - The If You Let Them, They Will Sit Edition

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Detroit Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings’ Land

Red Wings test new policy to encourage fans to use their seats...
It seems as if the empty seats have finally gotten to the Wings. A new policy will allow fans to get back to their seats while play is going on for a few minutes each period. We'll see if that dramatically changes the appearance of the arena which thus far has seemed relatively empty.

Around the NHL

Video -
Neat video from Sportsnet on Hakan Andersson and the late round gems he's found. Obviously the story of him finding Pavel Datsyuk is the most famous. For those that don't know, Andersson went to Russia to see a different player play but was amazed by how well Datsyuk protected the puck. He had another flight scheduled to go see Datsyuk play again and he also noticed a Calgary scout from on that flight. A stroke of luck and the flight was cancelled due to weather making Andersson the only NHL scout to see Datsyuk prior to being drafted. The rest is history.