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WIIM Radio / Fer Sure Crossover Mailbag: Ken Daniels

If These Walls Could Talk by Ken Daniels
Triumph Books, used with permission

Hello podcast listeners!

We have an exciting treat for you. Hopefully you know by now that our site has not one, but two podcasts. “WIIM Radio” is focused on the Red Wings. “Fer Sure: A 200 Foot Podcast” is focused on the NHL as a whole.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Ken Daniels’ new book “If These Walls Could Talk” for a review for this site (which will be coming early next week). Additionally, I was able to arrange an interview with Daniels.

Since he is so closely associated with Detroit at this point in his career, I thought it made the most sense to make it a part of WIIM Radio. So we are going to do a crossover episode.

Jay and I (hosts of Fer Sure) and JJ (WIIM Radio panelist and Reader Question Reader) are going to interview Daniels on Saturday. Then, the three of us are going to talk some more so we can put together a full show for you.

Please send in questions for Ken Daniels, as well as anything that you want to ask Jay, JJ, and me.

I can tell you from having done a good amount of these interviews so far that 30 minutes flies by, so we can’t guarantee that we’ll get to your questions, but I can promise that we will do our best to at least ask a few.

We are planning to release this episode on Monday, so check back then to listen.